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Card security

Card Transaction Monitoring

We have systems in place that closely monitor card transactions in order to identify suspicious activity and minimise fraud losses.

If we view suspicious transactions on your account we will verify with you either by phone or SMS that they are yours.

In the event that we are unable to contact you we may place a temporary stop on your account to prevent further fraud spend.

We issue Chip cards to prevent counterfeit cards being produced by fraudsters.

PIN Security 

Ensure you are the only person that knows your Customer Number and PIN.

Never write down or share your PIN.

Stay alert when using ATMs and EFTPOS, always keeping the pin pad hidden when entering your PIN.

Watch carefully if a store or venue clerk offers to swipe or insert your card for you. Never allow them to enter your PIN.

Protect your cards

Following some basic safety rules with your card can help keep you protected.

  • Sign your cards as soon as you receive them.
  • Check your statements and call us immediately if you identify any unauthorised transactions.
  • Do not allow someone else, regardless how well you know them, to perform transactions with your card.
  • Always remember to retrieve your card after making purchases.
  • Cut up any expired cards and dispose of securely.
  • Register with Visa Secure (formally known as Verified by Visa) for added security shopping online. Continue reading to learn more.

Shopping securely online

At Adelaide Bank we want you to feel as safe as possible when you're shopping online. That's why we've partnered with Visa to add an additional level of security to your Adelaide Bank credit and debit card.

Visa Secure (formally known as Verified by Visa) helps to protect you against unauthorised card use when you shop at participating retailers, giving you confidence when shopping online with your credit card.

At a participating merchant, you may be asked to verify your identity. This ensures that the owner of the card is the person completing the transaction.

Visa Secure may prompt for a One Time Password during the checkout process at participating online merchants.

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Your questions answered

What is a One Time Password?

A One Time Password (OTP) is a single use 6-digit password used to verify the identity of a customer. The OTP will be sent to the mobile phone number Adelaide Bank has on file.

Why should I use Visa Secure?

This free service protects your card against unauthorised transactions, giving you confidence when shopping online with your Adelaide Bank credit or debit card.

How does Visa Secure protect me?

Visa Secure request that you verify your identity when making purchases at participating online retailers – giving you the added confidence that only you can use your Adelaide Bank credit or debit card.

Will the merchant see my information?

The communication between you and Adelaide Bank is not visible to the merchant and none of your account information, including your customer number, is ever shared with the merchant.

Will I need a new credit or debit card to use the service?

No. Visa Secure works with your existing Adelaide Bank credit and debit card.

Do all online retailers participate in Visa Secure?

Not all online retailers participate in this service which means you won't be asked to verify your identity at every online purchase. Registered retailers will display the Visa Secure logo on their website. You may have noticed the logos on such sites as or

Can I continue to shop online with my Adelaide Bank credit or debit card if I do not wish to verify my identity?

No, you cannot bypass the window which requests your customer number. If you are unable to provide your customer number you will be returned to the online store with the option to continue with another form of payment.

Will Visa Secure add any additional fees to my account?

No – this service is free.

For more information on Visa Secure, call us on 1300652220 for assistance.

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