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Transfers and payments

Find answers to common questions about transferring money and paying bills with Adelaide Bank Online Banking.

Daily limits.

To protect your security when transferring funds and paying bills online, you are required to set a Daily Limit on your account. A Daily Limit applies to transfers via Pay Anyone, BPAY® and Batch Payments, and is the maximum amount you can transfer from your accounts online within a 24 hour period.

If you’re a new customer, your Daily Amount is automatically set to $5,000. If you want to change this amount you can do so via Online Banking. To do so, log in, then:

Click on ‘My Profile’
Select the ‘Limits’ tab
Select ‘Actions’ then ‘Edit’
Select/enter your new preferred limit
You will receive an SMS authentication.
Select ‘Help’ on the ‘Daily Limit’ page for more information.

How do I transfer funds?

To transfer funds between your own account and other financial institutions choose from Quick Links tabs on the right-hand side of your screen.. Transfers can only be made to Australian bank accounts with a BSB and account number.

What is Authorisation?

If you have a Many to Sign account, you as an individual are unable to perform a transaction without all parties to that account authorising it. To enable individual authorisation of transactions:

  • Begin your transaction, for example, a BPAY®
  • You will be prompted to Authorise the transaction
  • You request Authorisation and immediately the system emails all parties to the account notifying them a transaction – BPAY® – has been requested.
  • They then log in to Online Banking, navigate to Pending Authorisations, and click Authorise
  • Once all signatories to the account have clicked Authorise, your transaction is processed.

Important things to consider:

  • Anyone who is an Authoriser on a Many to Sign account will need to have Online Banking access for transactions to take place
  • Any transaction that awaits authorisation in the system has a 3 business day limit before it will expire.

Can I set Pay Anyone payments to specific frequencies?

Yes - you can choose from:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half yearly
  • Annually
  • Four weekly
  • Two monthly

Can I set up future-dated Pay Anyone payments?

Yes, Pay Anyone payments can be future-dated. Please note that:

  • All payments are debited at approximately 12.30pm EST on the selected date
  • If the selected future date is not a business day, we’ll attempt to make the payment the preceding business day
  • If there are insufficient funds in your account to make the Pay Anyone payment, the payment won’t be made. If this happens, you will be notified

Who can see my payees list?

The payees list is always the list maintained by the person logged in and is saved per user. All Account holders and operators with authorised Pay Anyone access, will only see their own personal payee list when transacting on an account.

What are the cut-off times for BPAY/Pay Anyone payments?

  • If your BPAY®/Pay Anyone payment is made before 4.30pm EST on a business day, your payment will be sent overnight.
  • If your BPAY®/Pay Anyone payment is made after 4.30pm EST on a business day, your payment will be sent overnight on the following business day. For example, payments made after 4.30pm on Friday will not be sent until after 4.30pm on the next business day (overnight Monday).
  • If your payment is not a future-dated payment, regardless of the cut-off time your account will be debited immediately.

Please note that the time when the funds are deposited into the payee's account depends on the systems and policies of the payee's financial institution.

Future-dated BPAY® payments

If you select to pay your bill on a future date, you’ll need to ensure that funds are available in your account before 12.30pm EST on the day the payment is to be made. If the selected day is not a business day, we’ll attempt to make the BPAY® payment the business day immediately preceding the future dated BPAY® payment. If there are insufficient funds in your account to make the BPAY® payment, an email message will be sent to your Online Banking mailbox advising that we were unable to make the BPAY® payment.

How much does it cost to transfer money?

This depends on what type of account you are using to conduct Pay Anyone. If you’re unsure, call 1300 652 220.

What if I accidentally miss-key the payee's account details?

Ultimately, you're responsible for payments made and you will need to contact the payee to recover any funds you may have overpaid. If you have entered the wrong account details (BSB or Account Number) and you don’t know who you've paid simply call us and we will do our best to help you retrieve the funds. Fortunately, many financial institutions will reject the transaction if the details are incorrect and generally a credit will appear in the account the payment was made from so please check your online transaction lists prior to contacting us.

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