Account Authorisation

You can delegate secure access to your accounts via Online Banking. Read on to find out how.

As an account holder, you can delegate secure access to your account/s via Operators. Operators are then able to transact on the accounts they have been granted access to via Online Banking. Please note there is a form you need to complete before Operator access is authorised.

With your Operator/s in place, you can manage their activity online via the following controls:

  • Access control - control the access rights of your Operator/s down to an account and transaction level
  • Event alerting - opt to receive SMS or email alerts when an Operator performs certain activities
  • Session tracking - view an Operator's Online Banking session history to audit their activities.

Will authorised Operators see payees not related to the authorised account? 

The payees list is always the list maintained by the person logged in, and is saved per user. So all Operators with authorised AnyPay access will only see their own personal payee list when transacting on an account.

Information for Operators.

If you are an Operator, you can click on the ‘Other Account Access’ button to see the accounts you have access to. If you’re unable to view the account you are looking for, you need to confirm with the Account Holder that your access levels have been assigned in Online Banking.