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Tips for a healthy credit report

CCR helps to recognise good repayment behaviour, therefore making repayments on time has never been more important. To help you maintain a healthy credit report, here are some helpful tips:

  • Automated payments – Set up automatic repayments for the minimum amount due (rather than a set amount), to allow for any future repayment changes.
  • Check your credit report – You’re entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each CRB every 3 months. If you find something in your report that isn’t right, contact the credit provider or CRB and ask them to correct it. You can do this with all credit providers and CRBs, at no charge.
  • Check your accounts – Make sure you know what accounts you have open and closed and the details of your accounts are correct. Such as credit limit, payments are up to date and loan not in arrears, etc.
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