Credit Cards

Find out how to cancel or reduce the limit of your credit card account/s.

How to cancel or reduce the limit of your credit card account/s

If you wish to cancel your credit card account, you will need to pay off the balance first. If you are unsure of the closing balance, please contact 1300 652 220.

If you wish to cancel/reduce the credit limit of more than one credit card account, please submit a separate secure email for each account.

Requests can be made by any account holder on the account.

To cancel your credit card account/s or reduce your credit limit:

Via Online Banking

1. Login to online banking using your unique customer number and password

2. Once logged on, go to the menu on the left of the page and select:

  • 'Mail' then 'Create Mail'
  • In the ‘Account’  field, select the appropriate credit card account from the drop-down list provided
  • In the ‘Subject’ field, please enter ‘Cancel credit card account’ or ‘Reduce credit card limit’
  • In the text box, confirm what you’d like us to do i.e. ‘Please cancel the above credit card account’ or ‘Please reduce the limit of the above credit card to [enter amount]’.

If you don't have Online Banking access

Contact us via our online Enquiry Form. (Note: This is not a secure email service. Please do not provide card numbers, account numbers, passwords or PINs.)

As this is not a secure method of contact, we will contact you to discuss your request further.

We may contact you if we require clarification of your instructions.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the account cancellation/credit limit reduction is promptly actioned.

We will not suggest that you apply for a credit limit increase, or that you can’t reduce your credit limit or cancel your account.

Please note: All requests will be assessed and subject to approval. Adelaide Bank is not obliged to reduce the limit below any specified minimum credit limits. Terms and conditions apply, please refer to Visa Account Terms and Conditions.