Switch to online statements

  • Switch to online statements

    Log on to Online Banking.

    Select the preferences tab on the statements screen.

    Select ‘Online Only’*.

  • Benefits of online statements

    Instant access to your statements through Online Banking.
    View, print or save up to 7 years of Statements (starting from April 2011).
    An email notification to let you know your most recent statement is ready for viewing.

  • Accessing online statements

    Log on to Online Banking

    Select ‘Account Details’ in the left hand border

    Select ‘Statements’

    Select the required account

    Select your required date range.

  • Email notifications for online statements

    Adelaide Bank is required under the Banking Code of Practice to ensure you are notified when your most recent statement becomes available.

    (Note: The email notifications for Online Statements doesn’t alter your existing marketing preferences with us.)

  • Accessing statements for a closed account

    Yes, provided the account supports Online Statements and has been closed within the last 2 financial years.

*Ensure we have your current email address.