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General security

General security

Always keep your contact details up to date and ensure any personal information that you print out is either shredded or securely destroyed.

Phone Banking (Express Line)

Our security system closely monitors all telephone banking transactions to help detect any fraudulent activity.

Always remember, we will never ask you for your Password.

Computer security

Protect your computer by installing the latest security software and ‘patches’ (fix it software) for your operating system.

Ensure you have up to date anti-virus/spyware software installed along with a secure firewall.

Always keep a backup of your current computer files/important information.

Delete all spam email and never open email attachments or click on links from people you don’t know.

Never respond to unsolicited emails asking you to divulge your personal information or financial details.

Stay alert and be wary of email, internet and telephone hoaxes and scams: if something appears too good to be true it usually is.

If possible, avoid using shared computers (internet cafes, hotels and airports).

Types of threats

It is important that you are aware of potential fraud attempts you may come across. Some common threats are:

  • Phishing
  • Trojan horse
  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Online job scams
  • Card skimming
  • Identity theft
  • Investment scams

For more information on known threats and their descriptions refer to SCAMWATCH.

How do I keep my account secure?

We understand how important security and confidentiality are to our customers which is why we take internet security very seriously. We have strict measures in place to help ensure your private information is protected at all times when accessing Online Banking.

We also aim to protect you against the threats associated with Internet fraud, however it is very important that you take care to guard your own information.

If you believe your Online Banking account, Password, or Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been compromised in any way please contact us immediately on 1300 652 220.

What we do to keep your information secure

We are continually monitoring and assessing our technology in order to keep your information secure. Here are some of the ways we safeguard our systems:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

To ensure your account information is only accessible by you, our Online Banking service employs a secure login process, known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is utilised every time data is transferred between yourself and the bank. It protects you in the following ways:

  • Authentication – it prevents another computer impersonating the bank
  • Encryption – it scrambles data over the Internet
  • Data integrity – it verifies and determines that any information sent to us has not been altered in transmission
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