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Q&A with Jecel Mejica

Jecel Mejica

Welcome to Adelaide Bank’s get to know us series.

Jecel Mejica, our National Partner Assist Manager spoke to us about her time at Adelaide Bank and how our workplace culture differentiates us. 

What is your name and current position?
Jecel Mejica, National Partner Assist Manager

How long have you been with Adelaide Bank?
Coming up to 17 years this October.

Did the mortgage industry find you or did you find it?
I sought out the Finance Sector. Given my background, my parents had the distinct hope I would pursue a career in the legal or medical field, however my interest was in Banking and Finance. Eventually they came to understand and accept my decision.

What makes Adelaide Bank different to other banks?

Our culture within Adelaide Bank would be difficult to replicate in other organisations. It is one of the reasons we are able to attract and retain quality staff. Strong culture assists in staff retention, strengthens intellectual property and complements the make-up of who and what we represent as an organisation.

What’s something that might surprise people about Adelaide Bank?
The ‘Malls Balls’ are part of the Bank’s historical corporate legacy and were donated in 1977. Whilst established in 1994, Adelaide Bank originated from the Co-Operative Building Society of South Australia which had previously merged with the Hindmarsh Building Society, who originally donated the ‘Spheres’ to the people of Adelaide. It’s hard to believe they are 44 years old!

What’s something about Adelaide Bank that surprised you?
I have always identified with Adelaide Bank as a South Australian business icon with a strong local presence. What surprised me a few years into my career was that our interstate footprint was far more significant than I had first imagined.
We may be a relatively small player in a large and highly competitive pond, but we have certainly made our mark on the lending landscape.

How has Covid changed the way the bank does business?
Our business practice continually evolves to deliver high value service and competitive products to our customers, underpinned by user-friendly technology. In this respect, COVID did not change our approach, rather it provided a vehicle for our partners and customers to embrace alternate ways and means in order to remain connected with us.

Looking back on your career, what is your proudest achievement?
Defining one moment or elevating a single achievement above others is not something that I can genuinely outline. I am most proud of my career when I view it as a progressive journey upon which to reflect. If my career is a book, then I still have many pages yet to write, and on those pages will be a journey filled with both challenges and achievements that I can look back on with pride.

Looking back on your life, what is your proudest achievement?
I had one single goal from a very early age, and that was to buy my own house. I wanted to do this myself, without any assistance, knowing that if I worked diligently and with purpose, I would eventually achieve this. The dream of homeownership, whilst often a process of hard work and patience was absolutely worth it and remains my proudest tangible achievement.

Finish this sentence - If I wasn’t a National Partner Assist Manager, I’d be a... Successful Small Business Owner, or according to my parents, a Lawyer or a Doctor

What are Adelaide Bank’s values? Have they changed over the years?
The Bank's values are teamwork, leadership, integrity, performance, passion and engagement. Whilst our values are refined to better reflect our current environment, they continue to represent the same ethical and professional standards our business was established on. These values remain the guiding principles we seek to deliver against at all times.

How does Adelaide Bank support diversity and inclusion within the workplace?
As a community connected organisation, we have an enormous responsibility to support and strengthen diversity and inclusion across our business. From our overarching governance and staff guidelines, including recruitment and development programs, our framework is designed to provide and promote opportunities for everyone.

As someone from a minority background, I have witnessed significant change in society which is reflective in workplaces across the sector. Difference and diversity are now not just accepted, they are embraced and often sought after.

How does Adelaide Bank ensure all employees feel included?
By ensuring we foster an environment where communication, input and opinion is valued across the organisation.

With many staff working remotely, greater emphasis has been made to connect with each other, across departments and throughout our entire business. Our workplace has been broadened to include virtual platforms as a norm, where all employees can easily engage, exchange information and remain connected.

Does Adelaide Bank support women in leadership?
I can categorically state that Adelaide Bank supports all people in leadership. As a woman I can recommend the bank as an employer of choice, where your opportunities are afforded on merit, and determinable on what you do, not who you are.

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