Simple Doc

Our loans are smart at making purchasing commercial property simple. Standout features include loan terms up to 25 years, no annual reviews for loans under $900,000 and the choice of variable or fixed rates.

There’s no need for financials, tax returns, BAS, or accountant letters when you apply for Simple Doc.

Ideal for

Commercial property investors

Rates & fees

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Top features

  • Terms and amounts

    Select a loan term up to 25 years for total loans per borrowing group less than $900,000.

  • Repayments

    Interest only options are available for up to 5 years.

  • Reviews

    No scheduled reviews for total aggregate lending up to $900,000.

  • Rates

    Choose between a variable or fixed interest rate.

  • Security

    Commercial property only.

  • Cash out

    Cash out options are available.

  • Lease

    The lease to an unrelated tenant to have at least 12 months to run at time of formal loan approval.

How to apply

To apply, or for more information, arrange a broker chat