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9 tips for a great garage sale

Want quick cash? Host a garage sale

Roll up, roll up … the garage door that is. Lose the clutter and make some fast cash with your own garage sale.

Garage sales are a perfect way to fill up the family piggy bank while getting rid of the household clutter. Although online selling has become popular over the past decade, there’s something charming about spotting a bargain at a local garage sale and taking it straight home to enjoy.

With the cost of so many everyday items on the rise and the minimalist movement gaining momentum, there’s no better time to roll up the roller door and roll in some quick cash.

Here are our top tips to host a great garage sale.

1. Get prepped

Make a list of everything you want to sell. Most household items would be suitable for sale, but items such as whitegoods and larger appliances might be best sold in the classifieds. Make sure you have everything you’ll need for sale day like spare change, baskets, clothing racks and hangers, fold out tables, markers, extra stickers and paper. Shoe boxes make great low shelving under tables.

2. Don’t go it alone

Consider whether you have enough items to host a sale. You may want to ask family and friends to join in with their preloved goods – just label items with different coloured stickers and write down the sticker colour and price with each sale. That way you can split the profits fairly and you have extra helpers on the day.

3. Timing is everything

Think carefully about the sale date. Choose a date when the weather is good (not too hot, rainy or windy) and you can reasonably devote a full day to the sale; setting up, opening hours and packing down. 3-5 hours is a good amount of time to be open for business.

4. Advertise

This falls into two parts; before sale day and on sale day. Advertise in online marketplaces, classifieds, garage sale listing websites and on community boards a week or two before sale day. Don’t forget your social media accounts too. Handmade leaflets are a clever and personalised way to spread the word through the neighbourhood.

Then on sale day, draw as much attention and traffic to the sale with large signage.

5. Lay it out, keep it neat.

The preparation done before sale day will pay off right here, because all that sorting will mean you can arrange it neatly for sale. Just like a department store, the neater the presentation, the easier it will be for people to spot a bargain.

6. The price is right

Hosting a garage sale is about getting rid of the clutter and making some money, so build in haggle room with each price. Be prepared with alternative strategies to tip undecided buyers over the edge like bundling items (buy 2, get 1 free), or throw in an extra item with purchase.

7. Create the right vibe

Ask friends and family to drop past to generate activity and interest among buyers. You might want to play some music for atmosphere while punters browse.

8. Be safe

Safety is always the most important thing. Make sure you don’t spread your wares too wide so that you can’t keep an eye on them or create blind spots for people coming to your property. Have people around to keep watch especially at times when you may be distracted.

9. Didn’t sell?

Don’t worry. Try online marketplaces for anything that didn’t sell, or charity and community groups would appreciate your quality, unneeded items.


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