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Shop safely online with Verified by Visa

To ensure that you feel as safe as possible when shopping online, we’re partnering with Visa to add a new level of security to your Visa card.

Verified by Visa protects your Visa card online by asking you to verify your identity before approving high risk online transactions. This service is free to Visa card cardholders and provides an additional level of security when shopping online.

We’ve automatically enrolled your Visa card in Verified by Visa to help protect you against unauthorised card use. All you need to do is enter your customer number when the Verified by Visa window appears when you are shopping online.

You can view a demonstration of Verified by Visa by clicking below:


How it works 

When prompted, enter your Customer number



Your secure online transaction is then complete.

Your customer number is the same as your Online Banking log-on.
If you’re having problems locating your customer number, you can call 1300 652 220 for assistance.

Your questions answered 

What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is a free service that protects your card against unauthorised transactions, giving you confidence when shopping online with your Adelaide Bank Visa card. Your transaction will only be authorised when you supply your customer number.

How does Verified by Visa protect me?
Verified by Visa lets you use your unique customer number while making purchases online – giving you the added assurance that only you can use your Adelaide Bank Visa card. If the correct customer number is not entered, the purchase will not go through.

Is Verified by Visa easy to use?
Yes. When you make an online purchase and enter your Adelaide Bank Visa card details, a screen from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank will appear and prompt you for your customer number. After reviewing the details of your purchase, you simply enter your customer number to complete the transaction.

Will I need a new Visa Card to use Verified by Visa?
No. Verified by Visa works with your existing Adelaide Bank Visa card.

Can additional cardholders shop with Verified by Visa?
If there are multiple cardholders, each cardholder will need to provide their customer number when prompted in order to shop online with participating retailers.

Do all online retailers participate in Verified by Visa?
No, at this point a small number of online retailers participate in the programs. However, more and more retailers are registering to ensure their customers are protected. Registered retailers will display the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa logo on their website. You may have noticed the logos on such sites as or

In time, all retailers will be required to sign-up for these services.

Can I continue to shop online with my Adelaide Bank Visa Card if the retailer is not registered for Verified by Visa?
You can still shop online with non-participating retailers using your Adelaide Bank Visa card – it will just be without the added layer of security offered by Verified by Visa.

Will Verified by Visa add any additional fees to my account?
No - this service is free. 

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