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Adelaide Bank Online Banking is a safe and convenient way to do your banking on the Internet and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're experiencing difficulties or have a question about our Online Banking service please refer to the list of topics below.

If this information doesn't help resolve your problem or if you need further information, please contact us:

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 Sat, Sun and public holidays 9am-4pm (CST) 
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Logging on 

How do I log on to Online Banking?
First you need your Customer Number and your Password.

What is my Customer Number?
Every customer has a unique Customer Number. You can find your Number on your Bank statement, it is usually located at the top right hand side of the front page. If you are the second applicant on an account and have no accounts in your name you may be unaware of your individual Customer Number. If you cannot locate your Customer Number or need help please call us.

What is my Password?

If you are an existing user of Online Banking you will have a PAC (Personal Access Code). Your PAC is your Password. If you are a new user you will have been allocated a temporary Password by us. Once you have logged in successfully you will need to change this Password to one that is both secure and easy to remember. Please note that your temporary Password is only valid until the end of the day on which it has been issued.

Logging On
To logon simply type your Customer Number and Password in the corresponding boxes, then click Sign In.

Online Banking Password 

Your Customer Number and Password are your keys to opening and operating your online accounts. It is essential you create a Password that is secure, easy to remember, yet difficult for someone to guess, for example you wouldn’t want to use your initials and your phone number, or your date of birth and first name.

Password Rules
To protect your security in the best possible way, we have put together some Password rules for you to follow when setting up or changing your Online Banking Password:

  • You can not create a new Password that it the same as your old one
  • Your new Password must contain at least one number and one letter
  • Your new Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and no more than 30
  • You can only use the characters and symbols as listed below (note you cannot use a hyphen or exclamation point):
    • aA – zZ
    • 0 – 9
    • @ # $ % & + = ?
  • Your new Password can not contain spaces
  • Your new Password is case sensitive

If after you enter your Password you receive an error message, please double check your Customer Number and Password before trying once more.

For security purposes, if you enter the wrong Customer Number or Password three times your account access will be blocked. Please call us as we can easily reset your Password and unblock your access over the phone.

    Daily limits 

    To protect your security when transferring funds and paying bills online, you are required to set a Daily Limit. A Daily Limit applies to transfers via AnyPay, BPAY and BatchPay, and is the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from your accounts online in a 24 hour period.

    If you are a new customer, your Daily Limit will default to $5,000.

    You can change your Daily Limit at any time via Online Banking.  Once logged in, click on My Profile located on the top right hand corner.  The select the Limit tab, select your new Limit Value and you will receive a SMS authentication to complete the change for immediate access.  Visit our Daily Limit Help page for more information.


    As part of our recent upgrade we’ve introduced quick and easy navigation to the options available in our Transfers & BPAY screen.

    The following are a series of frequently asked questions to help you navigate and pay your bills via BPAY. If you are still experiencing difficulties please give us a call.

    Do I need to activate BPAY?
    No, BPAY is an online function automatically available to anyone registered to use Online Banking.

    How do I access BPAY?
    Simply click the BPAY button located to the left of the screen under Transfers & BPAY.

    What are the cut-off times for BPAY payments?
    If your payment is made before 4.30pm EST on a business day, your payment should be treated as if received by the biller on the same day.
    If your payment is made after 4.30pm EST on a business day, your payment should be treated as if received by the biller on the following business day.
    The time when the funds will be deposited into the biller's account depends on the systems and policies of the biller's financial institution.

    Future-dated BPAY payments
    If you select to pay your bill on a future date you will need to ensure that funds are available in your account before 12.30pm EST on the day the payment is to be made. If the selected day for payment is not a business day, we will attempt to make the BPAY payment the business day immediately preceding the future dated BPAY payment. For example, if the selected day is a Saturday we will attempt the payment before 12 noon on Friday. If there are insufficient funds in your account to make the BPAY payment, an email message will be sent to your Online Banking mailbox to advise we were unable to make the BPAY payment.

    Transfer money 

    What are the cut-off times for AnyPay payments?

    • If your AnyPay payment is made before 4.30pm EST on a business day, your payment will be sent overnight.
    • If your AnyPay payment is made after 4.30pm EST on a business day, your payment will be sent overnight on the following business day. For example, payments made after 4.30pm on Friday will not be sent until after 4.30pm on the next business day (overnight Monday).
    • If your payment is not a future-dated payment, regardless of the cut-off time your account will be debited immediately.

    Please note that the time when the funds are deposited into the payee's account depends on the systems and policies of the payee's financial institution.

    How much does it cost to use AnyPay?
    This depends on what type of account you are using to conduct AnyPay. If you’re unsure, call us to discuss.

    What types of accounts can I make AnyPay payments to?
    AnyPay payments can only be made to Australian bank accounts with a BSB and an account number.

    Can I set AnyPay payments to specific frequencies?
    Yes - you may choose from the following frequencies:

    • Once only
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Half yearly
    • Annually
    • Four weekly
    • Two monthly

    Can I set up future-dated AnyPay payments?
    Yes, however there are some simple rules to follow:

    • AnyPay payments are debited at approximately 12.30pm EST on a business day. Therefore, if your future-dated AnyPay payments are set for a non-banking day we will attempt to make the payment the preceding business day.
    • If there are insufficient funds in your account and/or your Daily Limit on the account is insufficient to make the payment, the payment will not be made and an email will be forwarded to you notifying you of the failure.

    What if I accidentally enter the wrong account details or amount for my payee?
    Unfortunately this does happen so please take care to ensure you key in the correct details. Ultimately you're responsible for payments made and you will need to contact the payee to recover any funds you may have overpaid.
    If you have entered the wrong account details (BSB or Account Number) and you don’t know who you've paid simply call us and we will do our best to help you retrieve the funds. Fortunately many financial institutions will reject the transaction if the details are incorrect and generally a credit will appear in the account the payment was made from so please check your online transaction lists prior to contacting us.

    Can I get a receipt for an AnyPay payment?
    Yes, you can choose to have a receipt emailed to the email address we have on file or to another email address by checking the Email Confirmation box. 

      Batch payments 

      BatchPay allows you transfer funds to multiple bank accounts at other financial institutions. This function is useful for small business owners when performing payroll or conducting multiple account transactions.

      Batch templates can be set up and maintained for regular use and batch files are easily imported from your own compatible software. Supported file format for performing BatchPay is Cemtex. 

      Other services 

      Online Banking offers a number of services that can easily be accessed via the Other Services tab located on the Home page.
      Click the Other Services tab to locate:

      • Important Messages
      • Session Summary
      • Interest and Tax Information
      • Reset Table Sizes
      • Order a cheque book*

      *A cheque book is only available on certain accounts. Please contact us if you require further information.


      You can send and receive secure messages via email during your Online Banking session - simply click on the Mail tab located on your Home page.

      On occasion we may need to notify you of new features to Online Banking or provide you with valuable updates. To do this we will send you a secure message that will pop up in your Mail tab.

      Remember, this is a secure site and we will never ask you for your account details or Online Banking Password.

      Delegating access to your accounts 

      You can delegate secure access to your accounts via Operators. Operators are individuals that you have chosen to perform everyday Online Banking tasks on your account. To delegate an Operator please contact us. 

      You can set up the following controls on your account to minimise or maximise the amount of access you wish your Operator to have:

      • Access Control – you can control the access rights of your Operators down to an account and transaction level
      • Event Alerting – you can opt to receive alerts via SMS or email when an Operator performs certain activities on your account
      • Session Tracking – you can view an Operator’s online banking session history

      When logged in to your account, Operators can click on the Other Account Access button to view all accounts they have been given operator access to.

      General enquiries 

      Is Online Banking safe to use?
      Yes. We have strict measures in place to help ensure your security and online information is protected at all times when accessing Online Banking. These measures include:

      • A secure login process known as SSL. SSL encrypts all information communicated between you and the Bank.
      • The continuous monitoring of all Online Banking transactions in order to detect any fraudulent or suspicious activity.

      How often is my balance updated?
      Immediately. Online Banking has a direct connection with our computer systems. This means you have an up-to-the-minute balance of your account when online. Any online transactions you make using Express Line or Online Banking are immediately reflected within Online Banking.

      If I transfer money today, can I take it out at an ATM or Bank@Post™?
      Yes, as long as you have transferred money using the Transfer button and to a transaction account that allows access via ATM or Bank@Post™. Please note this option is only applicable when transferring money between Adelaide Bank accounts and the transfer amount must be within normal account withdrawal limits.

      Why doesn’t my available balance equal my current balance?
      This usually happens when you have either an uncleared cheque, or a Visa transaction that has yet to be presented to the Bank by the merchant. An uncleared cheque can take up to 5 business days to clear so your current balance may appear more than your actual balance as the Bank recognises the cheque amount but can’t release the funds to you until it has cleared. A Visa transaction normally takes up to 24 hours to clear but can take longer depending on when the merchant reconciles their accounts. Once all cheques and pledged Visa funds have cleared, your two balances should reconcile once more.

      Can Online Banking show me the interest I earned/paid in the previous financial year?
      Yes. Interest earned or paid in the last financial year can be viewed online. Simply go to Other Services,  click Interest and Tax Information, then select which account you wish to view from the drop down box.

      Can I transfer funds from my standard loan account?
      Yes, providing your standard loan account has a redraw facility. Please call us if you require more information.

      Can I update my address via Online Banking?
      Yes, however the Bank requires verification of your personal details before you update your address online. Simply email us your request via Online Banking or call us on 1300 135 481 if you require further information.

      Can I use my credit card for Internet purchases?
      Yes, most major credit cards are accepted when purchasing goods and service online. If you have a Visa card, we recommend you register with Verified by Visa - a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password whenever you make an online transaction.


      I’m unable to logon - I get a message stating ‘Invalid Customer Number and/or Password’. What am I doing wrong?
      Chances are you are miss-keying or entering a wrong Customer Number or Password. So first make sure you have your correct Customer Number – in most cases it can be found on the top right hand corner of your statement of account, for example 001234567.

      With a joint account these can sometimes be mixed up as although the account is in both names, each account holder has their own personal Customer Number.

      Also make sure you are only entering the numerical digits (don’t enter the account ledger i.e. ML01).

      Next ensure you are entering your Password correctly, paying particular attention to your capitals and numbers.

      If you are still having difficulties or need to clarify your Customer Number, please call us on 1300 135 481.

      When I click on the link ‘Log in here’ nothing happens. What do I need to do?
      Online Banking will always open in a new browser window, so if you have pop-up blocker software installed on your computer it may prevent the new window from opening. You may need to allow the website to open a new page, or disable the pop-up blocker temporarily so you can access Online Banking.

      I'm logged on to Online Banking and need assistance with the various functions.
      Online Banking features an extensive, easy to understand Help page for each function.

      Simply select the Help button at the top right of the screen you're in and you will immediately view useful information relating to that function. Of course if you still require assistance, please call us.

      I was transferring funds and I got disconnected from the Internet, how can I be sure the transfer worked?
      First you’ll need to logon again and review the transaction history screen for the appropriate account. If your transaction in question is displayed you can be certain is has gone through.

      You can also click on the Other Services button and then the Session Summary button; you can now review the details for the previous login and view all previous transfers leaving your account.

      I’m having trouble seeing the graphics.
      If you can’t see the graphics on any page within Online Banking, simply press the F5 key while holding down the CTRL key – this should refresh your page and load all the required graphics.

      How do I increase the font size?
      The font size can be increased by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard and scrolling the mouse wheel up and down until you find an appropriate size for you.

      How do I print the webpage?
      If you require a print out of a page, you’ll need to open the printer options window. This can be done by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and pressing P.  You can also press the F11 key - this will display a menu bar from which you can click on the printer icon.

      Terms and Conditions 

      You must be familiar with the Terms and Conditions of Online Banking relevant to your account prior to using this service.
      If you are unclear about any term or conditions, please call us for assistance.

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