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Foreign exchange carded rates for online banking outward telegraphic transfers

Last updated: 25/05/2018 8:51
Country Currency unit Currency code Outward tt rate
Foreign currency rates
for under AUD30,000
USA Dollar USD 0.72
Euro Monetary Union Euro EUR 0.6114
United Kingdom Pound GBP 0.5357
Japan Yen JPY 77.98
New Zealand Dollar NZD 1.0431
Canada Dollar CAD 0.9235
Switzerland Franc CHF 0.7046
Denmark Krone DKK 4.5439
Fiji Dollar FJD 1.4509
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 5.6166
India Rupee INR 48.7948
Norway Krone NOK 5.8051
Philippines Peso PHP 37.131
Sweden Krona SEK 6.2848
Singapore Dollar SGD 0.9603
Thailand Baht THB 22.41
South Africa Rand ZAR 8.8555

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The above rates are applicable to Foreign Telegraphic Transfers. Rates are intended as a guide only and are subject to alteration without notice. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, no person should act on the basis of this information without considering and if necessary seeking appropriate professional advice in relation to their own particular circumstances.  To the extent permitted by law, neither Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 - AFSL 237879 - nor any of its subsidiaries accept liability to any person for loss or damage arising from the use of this information.

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