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Getting started

If you haven’t already registered for Online Banking, you’ll need to call 1300 135 481.

Make sure you have your Customer Number and account details ready. Once we verify your personal details over the phone, we’ll give you a temporary Password.

Next step is to login using your Customer Number and Password (if you are using a temporary Password, you will then be prompted to change your temporary Password to something you will easily remember). It’s important to note that everyone has their own individual Customer Number so even if you have a joint account, your Customer Number is unique to you.

You can always update your Password at any time via Online Banking with SMS Authentication.

To protect your security in the best possible way, we have put together some Password rules for you to follow when setting up or changing your Online Banking Password:

  • You can not create a new Password that it the same as your old one
  • Your new Password must contain at least one number and one letter
  • Your new Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and no more than 30
  • You can only use the characters and symbols as listed below (note you cannot use a hyphen or exclamation point):
    • aA – zZ
    • 0 – 9
    • @ # $ % & + = ?
  • Your new Password can not contain spaces
  • Your new Password is case sensitive

If after you enter your Password you receive an error message, please double check your Customer Number and Password before trying once more.

For security purposes, if you enter the wrong Customer Number or Password three times your account access will be blocked. Please call us as we can easily reset your Password and unblock your access over the phone.

SMS Authentication is a security measure using your mobile phone to confirm certain transactions that enable you to:

  • change your own daily limits
  • update your personal details
  • change your Password

How does it work?

A system generated SMS message containing an authorisation code is sent to you when you perform any of the above actions in Online Banking.

Once the authorisation code is received, you will enter it into the required field in Online Banking and the request is immediately updated.

Your mobile details will need to be provided and verified by you to enable SMS Authentication.

To protect your security when transferring funds and paying bills online, you are required to set a Daily Limit. A Daily Limit applies to transfers via AnyPay, BPAY and BatchPay, and is the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from your accounts online in a 24 hour period.

If you are a new customer, your Daily Limit will default to $5,000.

You can change your Daily Limit at any time via Online Banking. Once logged in, click on My Profile located on the top right hand corner. Then select the Limit tab, select your new Limit Value and you will receive a SMS authentication to complete the change for immediate access. Visit our Daily Limit Help page for more information.

Keeping your Customer Number and Password secure is extremely important so make sure you protect them at all times when you are logging on and accessing Online Banking.

A few tips to staying safe:

  • do not tell your Online Banking Password to anyone
  • do not write down your Online Banking Password on any bank-issued forms or statements
  • do not write down or keep your Online Banking Password with your Personal Identification Number (your ATM PIN).

You must be familiar with the Terms and Conditions of Online Banking relevant to your account prior to using this service.

If you are unclear about any term or conditions, please call the phone number on your statement for assistance.

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