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Features and benefits

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Online Banking is convenient, secure, simple to use, and easy to navigate. The following are just a few of the features and benefits available to our Online Banking users.

Our features:

  • Manage your accounts and check your transaction history
  • Make payments and transfer funds via AnyPay or BPAY®
  • Transfer funds to bank accounts within Australia and overseas
  • Schedule future or recurring payments
  • Secure Mail service allowing you to send and receive secure emails to and from the bank
  • View interest and tax information - handy at tax time
  • Report a lost or damaged debit/credit card

Our benefits:

  • Convenience – we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Save time and minimise banking fees
  • Up-to-the-minute statement checks
  • View un-cleared funds (cheques/deposits)
  • Easy bill payments with BPAY
  • Transfer funds to other financial institutions within Australia or overseas
  • Receive SMS and email alerts
  • Bank how you want – PC, tablet or Smartphone

And with our recent upgrades to Online Banking we also offer you a dedicated Help screen for every function should you require more information.

Account Summary (Home)

Once you have successfully entered your Customer Number and Online Banking Password, you may see some screens that contain either promotional or instruction-based messages before your Account Summary screen is displayed.

The main screen (Home page) of Online Banking is your Account Summary. This screen displays all of your accounts and current balances. It also shows you when you last logged on, the time of that session, and any Pending Payments you may have.

We also offer a Quick Links function located at the bottom of your screen, where you have instant access to the following functions:

  • BPAY
  • Transfer Money
  • View Recent Transactions

Transfers & BPAY

The Transfers & BPAY screen makes it easy to transfer money via AnyPay, or pay your bills via BPAY.

Transfer Money (AnyPay)

All Online Banking customers automatically have access to the bank’s AnyPay facility. This facility allows you to transfer money from one of your accounts to any other account with an Australian BSB and Account Number.
The following functions are available through AnyPay:

  • set up recurring payments
  • set up AnyPay Payees
  • receive email confirmation receipts for payments transferred
  • perform a redraw

How do I redraw my money?

The redraw facility available on all of our home loans allows you to access any additional payments you’ve made to your home loan free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using Online Banking.

Things to consider

What you should know about redraw:

  • You’re able to redraw from your ahead amount on your home loan as many times as you like, with the minimum redraw amount being $1, per transaction.
  • Redrawing on your loan won’t increase your repayments or extend the term of your home loan as you’re simply withdrawing the extra payments you’ve made into your home loan.
  • When performing a redraw, all parties must authorise the transaction. If you wish to modify the authorisation to allow individuals to transact independently, please contact us.

How to perform a redraw

Redraw is automatically available via Online Banking on your home loan. Simply select your home loan account as the ‘From account’ when performing a funds transfer in Online Banking.

If your loan with us has an offset account, the redraw funds from your loan will be available in your offset account immediately. Alternatively, if you Redraw funds to other financial institution, it may take up to two business days for your funds to be available.


BPAY is one of Australia's most popular bill payment services, allowing you to pay multiple bills at the same time and schedule future-dated payments in advance. And with Online Banking we’ve made the management of your BPAY payments even easier with the following features:

  • View all your BPAY payments previously created and those scheduled for a later date within the Pending BPAY Payments screen.
  • View all your BPAY payment records created for easier identification and bill management within the BPAY Billers screen.
  • Bill payment details can be added at any time without a payment being made.

The name of the Billers can be modified (if needed) to accurately identify different accounts with the same Biller.

International Transfer

The International Transfer feature allows you to request funds to be transferred from your account to an overseas account. You can make the transfer in Australian Dollars or choose from our list of foreign currencies. Simply complete the online form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Before requesting an International Transfer you may wish to consider:

  • The request may take up to 2 business days to be processed
  • The exchange rate used on the day of the transaction may differ from the exchange rate at the time of request
  • A fee applies for this service
  • The receiving bank may charge additional fees to receive the funds


Ideally designed for small business payroll, batch payments (Batches) are a handy function if you wish to transfer money to multiple bank accounts within your own bank or other Australian financial institutions.
Batch files can be imported from your own software and you can easily set up templates to use time and time again. Supported software file format is Cemtex.


If you need help or advice at any time, you can securely email us via the Mail screen in Online Banking. When the Customer Service Team responds to your email, you will be prompted to view new messages when you next log on. All emails to and from the bank can be viewed in your Mail screen.

Please note that on occasion we may send you a secure mail message notifying you of updates or new features within Online Banking.

Other Services

This screen displays other options available you to you within Online Banking, including:

  • Important Messages – view important messages
  • Session Summary – view your previous Online Banking sessions
  • Interest Summary – view the interest and tax information for an account
  • Reset Table Sizes – reset your table list sizes to system defaults
  • Order a cheque book*

*A cheque book is only available on certain accounts. Please call us if you require more information.

Would you like assistance?

If you are unsure how to use Online Banking or require further information on any of the features available, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 135 481.

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You must be familiar with the Terms and Conditions of Online Banking relevant to your account prior to using this service.

If you are unclear about any term or conditions, please call the phone number on your statement for assistance.

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