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Loan deferral calculator

Let the online calculator help you

To help you understand the impact of possible changes to your repayments as part of a loan deferral, you may like to use our online calculator.

Please keep in mind the calculator is an indicative tool only and doesn’t take into account your detailed personal circumstances.

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    Step 1
    Update your loan details.
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    Step 2
    Compare your options to see if deferring and/or extending the loan term will help you.
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    Step 3
    You can request financial assistance support by contact our Mortgage Help Centre on 1300 654 146.

If I defer payments, how will my loan be affected?

The calculator can help answer that question. Simply fill in the amount of your loan remaining, your current interest rate, and the time that was remaining on your loan at the beginning of your assistance. This will give you an idea of the impact on your loan of receiving assistance.

The results of this calculator are a guide only. They are not a quote, credit approval or offer of credit. The results are not advice on how much you can or should borrow, which deferment option you should choose, the product features or options, or about making extra payments.

The calculation is not an approval of any repayment relief package.

It is based on a Variable Rate loan with Principal and Interest repayments, no linked Offset account and assumes no additional repayments made before, during or after the deferral period.

The calculation does not apply to a Fixed Rate loan, a Variable Rate loan with Interest Only repayments or a Line of Credit.

Your actual contractual minimum repayments may change due to a number of factors including (but not limited to) changes to your interest rate, loan term, loan or repayment type, as well as any additional repayments made.

The results assume regular scheduled payments and that the interest rate does not change, and do not include any discount period.

Interest rates are subject to change except during a fixed rate period.

The calculation does not include any fees/charges that may apply under the terms and conditions of the product.

You should speak to us or obtain professional advice about a loan that meets your requirements and objectives.

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