Online Banking is provided by Adelaide Bank a
division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
ABN 11 068 049 178. AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879.

Online Banking is a safe and convenient way to do your banking on the Internet and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're experiencing difficulties or have a question about our Online Banking service please refer to the list of topics below. If this information doesn't help resolve your problem or if you need further information, please call the phone number on your statement for assistance.

Having trouble?

How do I change my Password?
You can update your Online Banking Password at any time using SMS Authentication. Simply logon to your Online Banking account, navigate to the My Profile screen and select the Change Password button. You need to make sure we have your correct mobile phone number in order to proceed with changing your Password as SMS Authentication is required to complete the request. You can view your current mobile details in the My Profile screen so if the number listed is incorrect or needs updating, please call us.

I’ve forgotten my Customer Number and/or Password – what should I do?
To protect your security, if you enter a wrong Customer Number or Password too many times you will be locked out of Online Banking. Just give us a call and we will help you by either resetting your Password or relaying your Customer Number.
What happens if my logon is suspended?
It’s important to note that if incorrect logon details are entered 3 or more times you will be suspended from using Online Banking (you will not be able to logon). If this happens, please call us and we will happily reset it for you once we verify your details.

I’m unable to logon - I get a message stating ‘Invalid Customer Number and/or Password entered’. What am I doing wrong?
Chances are you are miss-keying or entering a wrong Customer Number or Password. So first make sure you have your correct Customer Number – in most cases it can be found on the top right hand corner of your statement of account, for example 0012345678.
With a joint account these can sometimes be mixed up as although the account is in both names, each account holder has their own personal Customer Number. Also make sure you are only entering the numerical digits (don’t enter the account ledger i.e. YX01).
Next ensure you are entering your Password correctly, paying particular attention to your capitals and numbers.
If you are still having difficulties or need to clarify your Customer Number, please call us.

I'm logged on to Online Banking and need assistance with the various functions.
Online Banking features an extensive, easy to understand Help page for each function.
Simply select the Help button at the top right of the screen you're in and you will immediately view useful information relating to that function. Of course if you still require assistance, please give us a call.
You can contact us on 1300 135 481.

Transfers & BPAY

As part of our recent upgrade we’ve introduced quick and easy navigation to the options available in our Transfers & BPAY screen.

What is AnyPay?
AnyPay allows you to transfer funds between your own account and other financial institutions. AnyPay has now become Transfer Money and this can be found under the Transfer & BPAYs section. AnyPay payments can only be made to Australian bank accounts with a BSB and an account number.

How do I make an AnyPay payment?
You can set up regular and future-dated payments by selecting Transfers & BPAY from the left hand menu. You then need to click the Transfer Money button and then simply complete the fields.

What is Authorisation?
If you have a ‘Many to sign’ account, you as an individual are unable to perform a transaction without all parties to that account authorising it. We understand that it is not always possible to have all account owners present when performing everyday transactions, so Online Banking has developed an electronic authorisation process to accommodate such situations. It works like this:

Important things to consider:
Can I set AnyPay payments to specific frequencies?
Yes - you may choose from the following:
The following are a series of frequently asked questions to help you navigate and use the AnyPay function in Online Banking. If you are still experiencing difficulties please call us.

Can I set up future-dated AnyPay payments?
Yes, AnyPay payments can be future-dated. Please note the following information:

Who can see my payees list?
The payees list is always the list maintained by the person logged on, and is saved per user. So all Account Holders and Operators with authorised AnyPay access, will only see their own personal payee list when transacting on an account.

What are the cut-off times for BPAY/AnyPay payments?

Please note that the time when the funds are deposited into the payee's account depends on the systems and policies of the payee's financial institution.

Future-dated BPAY® payments
If you select to pay your bill on a future date, you’ll need to ensure that funds are available in your account before 12.30pm EST on the day the payment is to be made. If the selected day is not a business day, we’ll attempt to make the BPAY payment the business day immediately preceding the future dated BPAY payment. If there are insufficient funds in your account to make the BPAY payment, an email message will be sent to your Online Banking mailbox to advise that we were unable to make the BPAY payment.

How much does it cost to transfer money?
This depends on what type of account you are using to conduct AnyPay. If you’re unsure, call us to discuss.

What if I accidentally miss-key the payee's account details?
Unfortunately this does happen so please take care to ensure you key in the correct details. Ultimately you're responsible for payments made and you will need to contact the payee to recover any funds you may have overpaid.
If you have entered the wrong account details (BSB or Account Number) and you don’t know who you've paid simply call us and we will do our best to help you retrieve the funds. Fortunately many financial institutions will reject the transaction if the details are incorrect and generally a credit will appear in the account the payment was made from so please check your online transaction lists prior to contacting us.


Delegating Access & Operators

Information for Account Holders
As an account holder, you can delegate secure access to your account/s via Operators. Operators are then able to transact on the accounts they have been grated access to via Online Banking. Please note there is a form you need to complete before Operator access is authorised.
With your Operator/s in place, you can manage their activity online via the following controls: 

Will authorised Operators see payees not related to my business accounts?
The payees list is always the list maintained by the person logged on, and is saved per user. So all Operators with authorised AnyPay access will only see their own personal payee list when transacting on an account.

Information for Operators
If you are an Operator, you can click on the Other Account Access button to see the accounts you have access to.
If you’re unable to view the account you are looking for, you need to confirm with the Account Holder that your access levels have been assigned in Online Banking.


General Enquiries

Can I use Online Banking for my business accounts?Absolutely, however there may be additional security measures applied to accounts that require two or more signatures for operation. For more information see ‘What is Authorisation?’


How often is my balance updated?
Immediately. Online Banking is directly linked to our computer systems, which means you always have an up to the minute balance of your account. Any electronic transaction that you make via Express Line or Online Banking is immediately displayed in your Account Summary (Home) screen.
If I transfer money today, can I withdraw it at an ATM or via Bank@Post™ the same day?
Yes, as long as you have transferred money using the Transfer button and to a transaction account that allows access via ATM or Bank@Post™. Please note this option is only applicable when transferring money between Adelaide Bank accounts and the transfer amount must be within normal account withdrawal limits.

Why doesn't my available balance equal my current balance?
This usually happens when you have either an uncleared cheque, or a credit card transaction that has yet to be presented to the Bank by the merchant. An uncleared cheque can take up to 5 business days to clear so your current balance may appear more than your actual balance as the Bank recognises the cheque amount but can’t release the funds to you until it has cleared. A Visa transaction normally takes up to 24 hours to clear but can take longer depending on when the merchant reconciles their accounts. Once all cheques and pledged Visa funds have cleared, your two balances should reconcile once more.

One of my accounts does not appear in the drop down list to transfer money from - why?
Unfortunately you cannot transfer money from a standard loan account or any term deposit account. Please call us if you require more information.

I am receiving an error message stating ‘This transaction cannot be processed until all required Authorisers have Online Banking Access’. What does this mean?
This means that the account you are trying to make a payment from is a ‘Many to sign’ account and some or all of the other signatories do not have Online Banking Access. In order to complete this transaction the other signatories on the account must call 1300 135 481 to arrange Online Banking Access.

I was performing a transaction and the connection was lost or interrupted. What do I do?
To check whether your transaction went through you’ll need to logon again and go to the Session Summary screen. If your transaction was successful it will be displayed here.

Can I find out the interest I earned/paid in the previous financial year with Online Banking?
Yes. Interest earned or paid in the last financial year can be viewed online on or after 15 July. Simply go to Other Services, click Interest Summary, then select which account you wish to view from the drop down box.

Can I add a cheque book to my account?
Yes, cheque books can be added to most transaction accounts however you will need to contact us to arrange this. Please note that when a cheque facility is added to an account, additional fees such as a cheque presentation fee may be applicable.

I’d like to set up a direct debit or direct credit facility on my account. Where can I find my BSB and Account Number?
Go to your Account Summary (Home) page then click on the Account Name that you wish the direct debit or credit to be transacted from. This will take you to the Account Details screen where your BSB and Account Number for that individual account is clearly displayed.

Can I update my address via Online Banking?
Yes, however the Bank requires verification of your personal details before you update your address online. Call us on 1300 135 481 or send a message via Online Banking to find out more.

Do I need any special software
No, our Online Banking facility is compatible with most modern browser configurations.

Is Online Banking safe to use?
Yes. The moment your Online Banking session commences, encryption of information is provided by an industry approved 128 bit cryptographic algorithm (triple DES), not normally available to the general public. We take every effort to ensure the implementation is correct and secure. For more information please read our section on Security.