Online Banking is provided by Adelaide Bank a
division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
ABN 11 068 049 178. AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879.

We understand how important security and confidentiality are to our customers which is why we take internet security very seriously. We have strict measures in place to help ensure your private information is protected at all times when accessing Online Banking.
We also aim to protect you against the threats associated with Internet fraud, however it is very important that you take care to guard your own information. If you believe your Online Banking account or Password has been compromised in any way please contact us immediately on 1300 135 481.

What we do to keep your information secure
We are continually monitoring and assessing our technology in order to keep your information secure. Here are some of the ways we safeguard our systems:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
To ensure your account information is only accessible by you, our Online Banking service employs a secure login process, known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  SSL is utilised every time data is transferred between yourself and the bank. It protects you in the following ways:

Internet Fraud
We have put in place a security system that monitors Online Banking transactions to help detect any fraudulent activity. It’s important to note that we will never ask you for your Online Banking Password (in person, online, over the phone, or by mail).

SMS Authentication (secure code)
Before certain functions can be completed in Online Banking, we will text a unique security code to your mobile. You then enter this code to complete your operation.

Virus Protection
Our anti-virus protection stops threats before they reach our computer network and established Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to our network.

Additional security features
Automatic time-out
Although we recommend you don’t leave your account unattended while performing Internet banking, to help safeguard your security we will automatically log you out if your Online Banking activity remains inactive for a period of time.

If your Customer Number and Password are entered incorrectly too many times Online Banking will assume an unauthorised person is trying to access your account and will block your logon until you notify us and confirm your correct details.

Previous session
Each time you access Online Banking, the date and time you last logged on will be displayed at the top of your screen.

Phone Banking (Express Line)
Our security system closely monitors all telephone banking transactions to help detect any fraudulent activity.

Always remember, we will never ask you for your Password.

What you can do to keep your information secure
General security tips
Always keep your contact details up to date and ensure any personal information that you print out is either shredded or securely destroyed.

Computer security tips

Online Banking

Cards and ATMs

Known threats
It is important that you are aware of potential fraud attempts you may come across.  Some common threats are:

For more information on known threats and their descriptions, refer to

Industry partners
Further information on how to stay safe and secure online can be found on these websites: