Pin@Pos FAQ


What is PIN@POS

PIN@POS is simply the secure PIN facility at the point of sale as you would do if making any standard eftpos transaction.


Why should I use my PIN instead of signing?

As technology advances more secure options become available and the industry needs to keep up. As such PIN@POS is now being used for credit and debit transactions in place of your traditional signature.


What if someone finds out my PIN?

It is your responsibility to keep your PIN secure. If you suspect someone has become aware of your PIN then you must contact the bank on 1300 652 220 and have a consultant arrange a new PIN for you.


What if I prefer to sign in Australia?

Within the next 12 months it will become compulsory to use a PIN for all point-of-sale transactions within Australia. It is up to you to ensure that you are setup with a secure PIN and that you know what this is.


What if I am travelling overseas?

Many overseas locations are now requiring PIN access for your card rather than a signature. If you do not know your PIN you will need to contact customer service on 1300 652 220 and arrange a new PIN. You will also need to confirm with the vendor at your location if they prefer you to use your PIN or sign.


What if I lose/forget my PIN or need a new one?

If you forget your PIN you will need to contact the customer service team on 1300 652 220 to arrange a new one. It is up to you to ensure this is kept safe and that no one else knows your PIN.