Branching out into a new partnership with Adelaide Bank

Trees For Life is pleased to announce a new partnership with one of South Australia’s largest financial institutions - Adelaide Bank.

Under the new environmental initiative, Adelaide Bank will offer their customers the opportunity to make the switch from receiving hard copy bank statements to accessing their statements online. 

For each customer who decides to change the way they access statements during the promotion, Trees For Life will choose and plant a suitable native tree in environmentally degraded areas of South Australia. 
General Manager of Adelaide Bank, Damian Percy said “Adelaide Bank estimates that initially, several thousand of its customers will take part in the project - with the take-up rate gathering pace in the New Year as the planting season gets underway and seedlings are grown on in preparation”.

“As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility mission, Adelaide Bank employees will also lend a hand to the project and participate by growing native seedlings through the Trees For Life Tree Scheme Program, and by helping plant out the tube-stock on corporate volunteering days during the cooler months.

“Adelaide Bank employees have already held a fundraising event for Trees For Life, with the donation going towards on-ground environmental works.”

Greg Boundy, Trees for Life CEO said “South Australia has a legacy of extensive land clearing. The long term effects of this include loss of habitat and biodiversity, plant and animal extinction, soil erosion, increased salinity, reduced water quality and weed invasion”.  

“South Australia is the driest State on the driest continent on Earth and conserving our fragile soils through sponsored re-vegetation projects such as this is a valuable and vitally important undertaking.”  

“Trees For Life thanks Adelaide Bank for its support and looks forward to working together to help repair the South Australian environment for many years to come,” Mr Boundy concluded.