Pen to Pin


For several years, cardholders have had the choice to either sign or enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorise purchases when using their debit or credit cards at EFTPOS terminals.
It has been widely accepted that PIN is a more secure and often faster alternative to the more traditional method of signing for a transaction.
Australia is moving toward phasing out signature as an option when paying for purchases which will benefit cardholders and merchants alike.

Why use PIN over signature?

It’s faster

Entering your PIN is quicker and more convenient than signing for your purchases, reducing the time that you need to spend at the cashier.

It’s more secure

Using your PIN to pay for your purchases is more secure. Entering a PIN verifies that the person using the card is authorised to do so. Whilst a signature can be forged, it is extremely unlikely that your PIN can be guessed.

It can reduce fraud

Card fraud is a frustrating inconvenience to thousands of Australians each year. By phasing out signature, the occurrence of lost and stolen card fraud can be significantly reduced.
Contactless transactions, such as using Visa® payWave or MasterCard® PayPass™ will not be impacted by these changes. Transactions under $100 using contactless technology do not require a PIN or signature.

Choose your PIN – but make sure it’s protected

At Adelaide Bank you have the option of changing the PIN that we issue to you, however there are a few simple rules that must be followed to protect your PIN and your money.

  • Do not select a PIN  that can be easily associated or connected back with you, such as your date of birth, postcode or a sequence of numbers such as 1234
  • Memorise your PIN and do not keep a written record of your PIN in any form, even a   disguised version
  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, including your family members or friends

Do you need a PIN for your card?

If you do not already know your PIN for your Adelaide Bank credit or debit card or if you’ve forgotten, simply contact 1300 652 220 and we will issue a PIN to you.

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