How do I fix my interest rate?

With a fixed rate, you know exactly what your loan repayments are for the length of the fixed rate term, which makes budgeting easier and gives you peace of mind.

Things to consider 

Things you should consider before fixing your rate:  

  • If you expect to make a change to your loan within the fixed rate term, such as selling your property or borrowing more funds, a fixed interest rate may not be right for you. Break costs may apply if you need to break out of your fixed rate contract.
  • Additional repayment's are limited to $20,000p.a during a fixed rate term. Further additional repayment's may result in break costs.
  • If variable rates fall, your fixed interest rate won't change and you won't receive the benefit of a falling rate. On the flip side, you're protected against rising rates for the term of the fixed rate.

How to fix your interest rate

If you are looking to fix your rate, please call us for assistance. Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form and we'll call you back.


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